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Group buys

We offer groups which are interest in one special item the opportunity to save money. Group buys starts from a minimum of five members. Basically we offer two ways to organize a group buy. You can choose following options:

1 – Individual shipping - We will offer you a fair price for your group order and send package individually to each member of the group buy. We large groups we offer further discount levels.

Your advantage:

  • Fair price
  • No central shipping, everyone gets their order delivered to your home address
  • No waiting time, once we receive the money we will send order immediately

2 – Central shipping - We collect all orders and send a large package to a central address.

Your Advantage:

  • Fair price
  • Low shipping costs

Further we collect some FAQ from our experience during the last group buys. If you are interested to set up a group buy with us send an email to with all information about concerned product and quantity of your group and we will inform you about the next steps.



We send all payment requests via PayPal. A PayPal account is not necessary to pay the invoice. In this case the buyer have several payment methods to pay (credit card, bank transfer etc.) the receipt.

BKS sent package just to the PayPal registered delivery address. The reason therefore is, that we lose our seller protection if we send out to a different delivery address in case something happens during the shipping. We cooperate with DHL delivery service.

Scope of delivery
In general it possible to add additional items from our online store to each individual order when it fit to the regular box without charging any further shipping cost.

In total the buyers has 1year OEM warranty. Until 2 weeks after receiving, each buyer has the opportunity to return the item without any comments and costs. Overall BKS is the single point of contact for each warranty case.

We have a standard process for returns. In this case we will handle the process with each buyer individual. For more details please check shipping & return requirements.

The last group buys shows that a single-point-of-contact concept is perfect for both sides. That means, just one of you represent the group and stay in contact with us. To make the group buy more transparent for you we will publish the group buy list to give you the opportunity to monitor the status of all orders (paying, shipping, tracking number etc.).

Buyer data’s
If you decide to set up a group buy with us we will send you an spreadsheet to collect all necessary buyer data’s. We will prepare an example which information are required (e.g. name, address, email, version etc.).

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